A LeadGen.com Case History

Country Club

When the owner of a country club found his catering schedule had far too many open slots, he had a hunch that LeadGen.com just might be able to solve that problem for him.

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While a country club might not seem like the typical user of business-to-business telemarketing services, it turns out that one creative owner was on the right track when he called LeadGen.com. His semi-private golf club had too many openings in their catering schedule, and he thought – hoped – that local businesses might want to use the facility for golf-and-dinner outings.

What He Tried

Prior to calling LeadGen.com, the club owner had invested heavily in marketing. He regularly sent out direct mail to companies, organizations and wealthy individuals to promote both outings and memberships, and advertised heavily in the local newspapers. But nothing he did had an impact on his catering business, and his golf outing schedule had more holes in it than, well, his golf course.

The LeadGen.com Solution

LeadGen.com has implemented lead generation campaigns for a number of “products” like events, outings and catering. And while they’re not the typical commodities that companies buy, or high-end services like IT or consulting where demand is latent, the fact is that companies do hold customer appreciation golf outings, have off-site team-building exercises, and company picnics and holiday parties. And, of course, many sales teams live and die by “customer golf.”

Having had previous success selling company outings at a southeastern racetrack, we knew who the real decision-maker was – the Executive Assistant. So we called several hundred local companies, introduced the club and its offerings, and “started” the relationship. Scores of Executive Assistants expressed initial interest, and asked for more information, which we sent out. We then followed each one up with phone calls, giving them time to discuss it with their bosses. And for those who were interested, we set up a meeting or conference call with the catering or golf manager, whichever was appropriate.

The Results

Even though we started a little late in the season, we ended up generating 22 events, including filling up every available golf outing and holiday date.

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