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Your Channel Partners: What Happens When the Marriage Goes South?

Working through independent Manufacturers Reps, Resellers, Value Added-Resellers (VARs), channel partners and distributors presents a unique set of opportunities and challenges. VARs and distributors can help you generate sales in their established territories relatively quickly and inexpensively. But getting them to open new or underdeveloped geographical areas or vertical markets can be frustrating and expensive.

And, after the initial honeymoon, keeping them performing at a high - or even acceptable - level is often difficult. What if there was a way you could get all the benefits that VARs have to offer - and more - while eliminating most of the challenges that often lead to failure, thereby giving you a higher ROI, with less investment, and a lot less risk and pain?

Discover how you can.

Why Use Reps/VARs?

Independent reps certainly have a place in the market, and they offer several benefits. For example, reps already have a presence in the market, and often have established relationships with accounts you want to target.

Reps therefore reduce the burden of creating awareness with prospects, building rapport and, often, stimulating interest - thereby saving you time, and reducing your market risk. Reps also usually work on straight commission, and pay their own expenses, so your initial financial exposure is known.

What Are the Downsides?

Even with these benefits, independent reps often fail to deliver the sales results you need. Sometimes you cannot get the attention from them that your product requires. Sometimes they will not go after the accounts that you want them to target. They almost always follow the path of least resistance, and instead stay in the friendly ground they are familiar with. Getting an agent to leave his comfort zone can be a challenge. And getting them to make effective cold calls is nearly impossible, and therefore greatly avoided. You almost always give up account control. And sometimes the better reps demand commissions that make the whole deal uneconomic.


We have worked with dozens of companies that use independent reps, VARs and distributors, helping them maximize their return by providing outsourced lead generation - the "critical path item" in the strategy.

We've been there. We understand the challenges, we have the solutions, and we know how to make them work. Here are some of the challenges, and how we help:

Challenge 1

Reps Can't or Won't Take You into New Accounts Reps are comfortable with their established accounts. But if you need them to go after anything new, they can't, or won't, do it. Many won't even make cold calls or do prospecting.

Our Solution
LEADGEN.COM can quickly get you into new accounts where neither of you have a presence - enabling you to increase your market, and your market share. This is our "niche," and what we do all day, every day.

Challenge 2

With Reps, You Often Give Up Account Control If the rep brought you in, they "own" the account. This often leaves you at a disadvantage, especially in margin, but also in leverage and knowing the pulse of the market.

Our Solution

By initiating the relationship with the prospect, LEADGEN.COM can ensure that you own the account, and the territory. We can keep you plugged in, so you don't lose Account Control. And feedback is untainted, so you'll always know what's really going on.

Challenge 3

Reps Are More Expensive Than You Think If you're missing business because your reps are unmotivated, too challenged, or already too fat, you're leaving valuable $$$ on the table.

Our Solution

By having LEADGEN.COM generate the leads on your behalf, you can dictate the terms of the relationship. And they'll also be more motivated and loyal. (In fact, many reps use LEADGEN.COM themselves for lead generation because it helps so much.)

Challenge 4

Reps Vary Greatly in Quality Every company that uses reps has good ones, and bad ones. As a result, one-size-fits-all programs seldom work.

Our Solution

LEADGEN.COM can customize the program by territory, so you can build a high-performing team quickly and painlessly or build a territory in-house to attract better reps when replacing lower performing agencies.


By having LEADGEN.COM do the lead generation for your independent agents, you get control of your channel, and your market. (Remember: "He who has the gold makes the rules," and there is no gold worth more than a good lead.) You can direct where your VARs go, if you need to; and if they balk, you can simply give the lead to someone else, or go direct. (Actually, just having the option will usually keep them motivated.)

But more importantly (and especially when the relationship is positive) by providing leads from LEADGEN.COM for your reps, you will be the ideal strategic partner - one that is deeply committed to your mutual success. It is the single, most important investment you can make in the relationship. (In fact, it is more important than product training.) The reps will make more money, you will increase your sales, and your partners will show their appreciation in long-term loyalty, attention, and performance.

From a "channel management" perspective, LEADGEN.COM can help you with the critical communications challenges of running a program. This is because we can deal directly with each rep on your behalf, help set schedules, call-backs, and follow-ups, and make sure nothing falls through the cracks. It's win-win, with little cost and effort.

We've done this many times. And unlike a stand-alone repping program, it is nearly impossible to fail.

Do you want your Manufacturers Reps, VARs, distributors, and channel partners to perform? Do you want them to ring your cash register? Reach out to us for help today!

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