Hey Siri, Get Lost!

According to Demand Sage’s Research, 41% of adults in the United States use voice search daily. HubSpot, however, uncovered that only 12% of marketers are currently using voice search tactics as part of their strategy. Wait, isn’t it Marketing’s job to know and understand what customers are doing? What about all those customer personas and […]

How to Pester Your Target Audience into Submission

Captured by Statista Consumer Insights: When asked about “Attitudes towards online advertising”, most U.S. respondents said “I am often annoyed by advertising on the internet” as an answer. 39 percent did so in our online survey in 2023. Do you really think the best way to get the attention of your audience is to annoy […]

The Blind Leading the Blind

According to a recent Springer report, poorly targeted digital marketing campaigns lose $611,000,000 annually in the US. And the #1 reason cited for this horrific number? Poor understanding of the Digital Marketing environment! If marketers fail to understand the needs and wants of your customer, then what exactly are you paying them for? Afterall, who […]

Why 85% of Marketing Statistics Are Just Bad Advice

For illustrative purposes, here is an example: Marketer: “We were dead right on our predictions 46% percent of the time!” Naïve 7-Year-Old – “So What. Don’t you realize if you had forecasted exactly the opposite, you would have been correct 54% of the time?” The fact is, too many marketers are experts at putting lipstick […]

Why Your Digital Ads Aren’t Performing

According to Statista Research Department, a study from the second quarter of 2020 on adblocker usage in the United States found that 45 percent of respondents aged 15 to 25 said they used an adblocker. The same was true for 42 percent of respondents between the ages of 26 and 33 and 46 and 55 […]