Lead Generation: The Missing Link between Marketing and Sales
Table of Contents
2.1The Platforms Are in Control12
2.2The Lead Generation Paradigm18
2.3Clearing Up a Few Misconceptions35
3The Proof Step38
4Creating an Effective Lead Generation Program41
4.1Goals and Objectives42
4.2Welcome to Cold Calling 10143
4.3Your Goals and Objectives44
4.4Your Challenges45
4.5What Have You Tried?46
4.6Ineffective Techniques47
4.7Consequences of Failure48
4.8Benefits of Success49
4.10Objectives of the Course51
4.11Cold Calling as a Marketing Model52
4.12Cold Calling Scenarios53
4.13Creating Demand54
5.1Setting The Stage59
5.2Business Decision Making61
5.3The Business Case for Meeting62
5.4"To Meet or Not to Meet, That Is the Question"63
5.5The "Business Case for Meeting"64
5.6The Perception of Need66
5.7The Network of Needs68
5.8The B2B Sell Cycle70
5.9The "Business Case for Meeting"71
5.10Your Value Proposition73
5.11High-Level View of the Process74
5.12High-Level View of the Cold Call (1)76
5.13High-Level View of the Cold Call (2)78
5.14High-Level View of the Cold Call (3)80
5.15High-Level View of the Cold Call (4)82
5.16High-Level View of the Cold Call (5)84
5.17Problem #1: Stimulating Initial Interest86
5.18The "Business Case for Meeting"87
5.19The "Business Case for Talking"88
5.20The Prospect's Initial Mind-Set90
5.21The Call Opening91
5.22Your Interest Creating Remark93
5.23Initial Benefit Statement Example94
5.24Initial Benefit Statement Example Deconstructed96
5.25Why the IBS Works97
5.26Understanding Your Company's Value Proposition98
5.27The P&L Statement99
5.28The Pro Forma P&L101
5.29The Business Case for Doing Something103
5.30Goals and Objectives105
5.31Cold Calling Training Case History Data107
5.32Your Value Proposition111
5.33Initial Benefit Statement112
5.34Initial Benefit Statements113
5.35Definition of a Good Lead: Vendor's Perspective115
5.36Definition of a Good Lead: Prospect's Perspective117
6.1High-Level View of the Cold Call120
6.3Case Histories123
6.4Needs Analysis137
6.5Applications Analysis149
6.6Value Proposition158
6.7EVC Models170
6.8Pre-Requisites Summary190
7Designing Your Cold Calling Program199
7.1Designing Your Cold Calling Program200
7.2The Art of Persuasion207
8Program Management214
8.1Benefits of the Approach215
8.3List Pre-Screening217
8.4Typical Problems218
8.5Measuring Performance220
8.6Filling Your Funnel221
8.7The Sales Funnel (1)222
8.8The Sales Funnel (2)223
8.9Lead versus Opportunities224
8.10Closing the Gap Between Marketing and Sales225
8.11The Sales Funnel226
8.12Pipeline Report (1)227
8.13Pipeline Report (2)229
8.15Lead Quality232
8.16Weaknesses of Lead Scoring233
8.17Weaknesses of BANT234
8.18The Right Way to Measure Lead Quality235
8.20Lead Qualification Criteria237
8.21Problems That We Can Solve238
8.22Lead Qualification Criteria239
8.23Option for a Good Lead: An Application240
8.24Concrete Steps242
8.25Non-Concrete Steps243
8.26The Danger of Doing Something for the Sake of Doing Something244
8.27Success Criteria for a Cold Call245
8.28Concrete Steps246
8.29Design Some Concrete Steps247
8.30Concrete Steps249
8.31Quality Criteria250
8.33Product Knowledge252
8.35Debugging Your Calls256
8.36Continuous Process Improvement258
8.37Support Systems259
8.38Calling Technologies260
8.39The Room261
8.42Active Listening (1)265
8.43Active Listening (2)266
8.44Active Listening (3)267
8.45Active Listening Steps268
8.46Taking Notes270
8.47The Cold Call Worksheet271
8.48The Cold Call Worksheet273
8.50Avoid the "3F Method"276
8.51Avoid "Great!"277
8.52Cold Calling Program Design Summary278
9Designing Your Cold Call279
9.1High-Level View of the Cold Call280
9.2Structure of a Cold Call282
9.3Call Flow Diagram284
9.4Starting Off from Behind285
9.5Justifying a Meeting286
9.6The Network of Needs287
9.7Justifying a Meeting288
9.8The Pro-Forma P&L290
9.9Impact of Cold Calling Training291
9.10Closing the Gap292
9.11Impact of Cold Calling Training293
9.12The Business Case for Meeting294
9.13Operational Impacts295
10The Call Flow297
10.1The Body of the Call298
10.2Call Summary314
10.3You have a problem. We can help.320
11The Details322
11.1Asking Good Questions323
11.2Like an Intervention324
11.3The Call Flow Diagram326
11.4Permission Questions328
11.5Qualification Questions336
11.6Pain Questions351
11.7"So What" Questions365
11.8"Who Cares" Questions374
11.9Cost Questions386
11.10Urgency Questions401
11.11What's-In-It-For-You Questions410
11.12Benefit Questions421
11.13Decision Questions430
11.14Rebuttal Questions439
11.15Checkpoint Questions455
11.16Closing Questions459
11.17The Close473
11.19Productivity Issues481
11.20Are We Biting Off More Than We Can Chew?483
12Extra Credit486
12.1Sending Information487
12.2Cover Note Template489
12.3Preventing No-Shows493
12.4Preventing No-Shows495
12.5Getting Past Gatekeepers (1)497
12.6Getting Past Gatekeepers (2)498
12.7Getting Past Gatekeepers (3)500
12.8Voice Mail502
12.9Touching Base504
12.10Following Up505
13.1High-Level View of the Cold Call508
13.2Call Flow Diagram509
13.3Ask Good Questions510
13.4The Business Case for Meeting511
13.5Closing the Gap512
13.6The Business Case for Meeting513
13.7The Cold Call Worksheet514
13.8Happy Hunting!515
14Checkpointing the Revolution516
15Engagement: It’s All About Needs525
15.1It's All About Needs525
15.3True Needs527
15.4Market Research528
15.5Types of Market Research529
15.6Bad Sources for Information on Needs530
15.8Find the Person Who Has the Problem533
15.9Find a Need and Fill It533
15.10A Useful Concept534
15.11Useless Concepts534
15.12The Secret Sauce538
15.13It's All About Them540
16Building Your Core Components541
16.1Concrete Steps542
16.2Competitive Analysis543
16.4Target Market Analysis547
16.5Media and Collateral Material Development548
17Building Your Storefront549
17.1Content Management Programs551
17.2Direct Mail554
17.3Advertising Programs556
17.4PR Programs560
17.5Email Marketing562
17.6Trade Shows565
17.7Pricing Programs567
17.8SEO/SEM Programs570
17.9Your Web Site572
17.10New Product Development574
17.11Market Research575
17.12Channel Management576
17.13Proposals and Sales Programs577
17.14Sales Recruiting579
17.15Sales Management580
17.16Consumer Marketing581
18Tying It All Back Together585
19Final Thoughts588