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Master the Art of B2B and B2C Cold Calling to Unleash a Flood of New Business Opportunities

Learn how to get past gatekeepers and get in the door with qualified prospects who need your product, and who want to talk – in’s Cold Calling Training Workshop.

Why Cold Calling

Cold Calling Myths

Winning Cold Calling

Crushing Objections
in Cold Calling

Learn from Cold Calling Experts has been refining the art of Cold Calling – with techniques that are used by thousands of successful companies – for more than 30 years!

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Why cold calling matters

When it comes to finding new business, for many companies cold calling is the fastest, least expensive, and most effective way to generate new sales – if you know what you’re doing. Done right, cold calling can get you past clutter in the media. It can enable you to establish trust, credibility, rapport and value with prospects. And it can enable you to differentiate yourself, your company and your products from your competition.

Gets around clutter in the media

Builds greater rapport and credibility

Provides immediate feedback

Debunking cold calling myths

Despite what you may read: Cold calling is NOT dead; it works extremely well – if you know what you’re doing. People don’t dislike getting cold calls; they just don’t like getting bad ones. Cold calling isn’t a numbers game; every contact counts – it’s what you do with it that matters. And cold calling doesn’t rely on having a good script – it relies on having a good technique, which you can learn in our Workshop.

"Cold calling is dead" - Wrong!

"Cold calling is a numbers game" - Wrong!

"Decision makers hate cold calls" - Wrong!

Winning cold calling techniques

Establishing a new relationship via a cold call works a lot like it does in the social space. You need to get the person’s attention. You need to establish rapport. You need to stimulate their interest. And, if there is a mutual interest, you set some next steps. In the Cold Calling Workshop we’ll teach you how.

Stimulate initial interest

Ask good questions

Uncover needs and build balue

Crushing objections in cold calling

Rejection doesn’t have to happen. In some cases, it’s the result of bad technique, of course. But more often it occurs because the prospect lacks the information they need to move forward with the relationship. When you treat an objection as a request for more information, you’re on your way to turning it around!

Qualify the question

Re-orient the prospect's perspective

Regain control of the call

1. Sign up

2. Learn

3. Write

4. Implement

5. Win

What You'll Master in
Session One

Introduction to Cold Calling

Why cold calling remains an essential sales technique

Understanding its role in business development and lead generation

Key benefits and challenges of cold calling in the modern era

Building a Strong Foundation

Identifying your target audience and ideal prospects

Creating a compelling value proposition

Crafting personalized sales scripts that resonate

The Art of Engaging Conversations

Breaking the ice: Effective opening lines that capture attention

Asking strategic questions to uncover prospect pain points

Active listening techniques for understanding prospect needs

Navigating Objections with Confidence

Common objections and how to anticipate them

Strategies for overcoming objections and reframing objections as opportunities

Role-playing exercises to practice objection handling

Perfecting Your Pitch

Structuring a persuasive sales pitch that drives interest

Tailoring your pitch to different prospect personas

Incorporating storytelling techniques to captivate prospects

What You'll Master in
Session Two

Lead Generation Strategies

Exploring various lead sources and databases

Identifying high-quality leads for optimal conversion rates

Leveraging online tools and social media for targeted prospecting

Crafting Personalized Outreach

The power of personalization in cold calling

Customizing your approach based on prospect research

Strategies for enhancing your call scripts with personal touches

Building Authentic Connections

The psychology of building rapport over the phone

Strategies for establishing trust and credibility

Practicing empathy and understanding for meaningful connections

Closing Deals and Post-Call Follow-Up

Recognizing buying signals and knowing when to close

Techniques for asking for the sale confidently

The importance of post-call follow-up for nurturing leads

Scaling Success: Building Your Action Plan

Developing a personalized cold calling strategy for ongoing success

Setting achievable goals for lead generation and conversion

Integrating cold calling into your overall sales and marketing strategy

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