How to Pester Your Target Audience into Submission

Captured by Statista Consumer Insights: When asked about “Attitudes towards online advertising”, most U.S. respondents said “I am often annoyed by advertising on the internet” as an answer. 39 percent did so in our online survey in 2023.

Do you really think the best way to get the attention of your audience is to annoy them?

In marketing, relevance matters a great deal. Far too many marketers, however, have yet to receive that memo. Instead, it appears they think annoying your audience is definitely the surefire way to win their hearts and minds. Seriously, why bother with engaging, personalized, and respectful ad experiences when you can just pester your audience into submission?

Rather than annoying target audiences, businesses should focus on creating engaging and relevant ad experiences to capture their attention and build positive brand relationships.

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