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Integrate with or Outright Replace

We can integrate with or outright replace your current CRM or marketing stack.


You're Juggling way too many Tools and Platforms

In the digital age, fragmentation can be a business’s biggest adversary. With the Sales Engine, you no longer need to juggle multiple tools or dashboards. Our platform offers a seamless solution, enabling you to consolidate all your marketing and sales functions under a single, intuitive interface.

Simplify your workflow

Reduce overhead

Unify everything


Turbocharge your Lead Generation Process

The key to success in today’s competitive market is efficiency. The Sales Engine has been meticulously designed to turbocharge your lead generation, conversion and sales processes. By streamlining operations, reducing redundancy, and providing tools that target optimal outcomes, we help businesses unlock their full potential. It’s not just about working hard; it’s about working smart, and with the Sales Engine, every effort you put in is calibrated for maximum returns.

Boost efficiency

Maximize outreach

Close more sales


Harness the Full Power of Marketing and Sales

Marketing is the art of persuasion. But for most businesses, what matters is converting strategies into sales. The Sales Engine ensures that your well-planned marketing campaigns don’t just end at brand visibility or engagement. We provide the tools and insights you need to ensure these efforts translate into tangible sales.

Optimize outcomes

Drive conversions

Retain customers


Everything You Want,
Everything You Need to Grow


Seamlessly manage your sales and marketing on-the-go with our user-friendly mobile app. Stay connected, update leads, and keep campaigns running smoothly wherever you are.


Build stronger relationships effortlessly with our intuitive Customer Relationship Management system. Organize contacts, track interactions, and unlock insights to personalize your approach.


Visualize and manage your sales pipeline with ease. Keep tabs on deals, forecast accurately, and never miss an opportunity to close a deal.

Sales Funnels

Create, customize, and launch unlimited sales funnels to capture leads and guide them towards conversions. Tailor experiences that resonate and convert.


Save time and eliminate manual tasks through automated workflows. From follow-ups to lead assignments, streamline your processes and focus on what matters.

Live Chat

Engage website visitors in real-time with our chat widget. Capture leads, answer queries, and guide prospects towards conversion, all in the moment.

Booking Page

Empower clients to schedule appointments hassle-free. Sync with your calendar, reduce back-and-forth, and provide convenience that boosts customer satisfaction.

Google Business
Missed Call Text Back

Never miss a potential lead. Automatically text back missed callers, ensuring no opportunity slips through the cracks.

Review Requests

Manage your online reputation effortlessly. Automatically request reviews from satisfied customers on Google to enhance credibility and trust.


Take control of your online image. Monitor and respond to reviews across platforms, building a positive reputation that drives growth.

and Payments

Simplify your financial processes. Create and send professional invoices, track payments, and keep your revenue on track.

Social Media

Amplify your reach and engagement by seamlessly integrating social media accounts. Share content, interact with customers, and expand your brand's influence.

and Proposals

Impress clients with polished estimates and proposals. Generate professional documents that communicate value and win trust.


Reach your audience effectively with targeted email campaigns. Nurture leads, share updates, and guide them along the customer journey.


Connect directly with leads and customers through SMS campaigns. Deliver concise, impactful messages that resonate and drive action.


Maximize your digital marketing impact with Pay-Per-Click campaigns. Drive targeted traffic and increase conversions through strategic advertising.

Online Scheduling
for Teams

Simplify team coordination and client appointments. Enable seamless scheduling that optimizes resource utilization.

Customer Interviews
and Case Studies

Gain invaluable insights by conducting customer interviews. Understand needs, refine offerings, and enhance customer satisfaction.

Direct Mail

Stand out from the digital noise. Send personalized direct mail campaigns that capture attention and drive conversions.

Ongoing Marketing

Elevate your marketing strategy with expert guidance. Access valuable insights to optimize your campaigns and achieve better results.

Industries We Serve

Home Services

The home service industry thrives on reputation, punctuality, and client relationships. Professionals in this sector, be it landscapers, cleaners, or pest control experts, can seamlessly manage appointments, enhance their online presence, and maintain responsive communication. We integrate essential features like online booking, reputation management, and automated communications, ensuring that service providers consistently deliver excellence and build lasting client relationships.


Every project is unique, and contractors juggle multiple tasks, deadlines, and client expectations daily. Sales Engine caters to these specific needs by providing tools for detailed project quotes, marketing, client relationship management, and direct communication channels. With features that allow contractors to send timely project updates, track progress, and manage consultations, our platform ensures that every contract is handled with precision and professionalism.


In the vast realm of construction, where projects span months and even years, maintaining a bird's-eye view while attending to granular details is paramount. We empower construction businesses with tools designed for long-term project management, stakeholder communication, and robust marketing campaigns. From monitoring large-scale project progress to building a compelling online reputation, LG-SME is the bridge between strategic planning and tangible growth in the construction world.

The LeadGen Sales Engine is Affordably Extraordinary!

Businesses have unique needs and growth stages. Launch is designed for startups and emerging businesses, laying the foundation with essential tools for growth. For businesses seeking to expand their reach and optimize their marketing campaigns, the Grow plan offers advanced features to fuel your growth trajectory. And for enterprises aiming for market leadership and comprehensive outreach, the Dominate plan provides a premium suite of tools and strategies to ensure you stand out in your industry.


Something for Everyone


For startups and
emerging businesses

$248per month
Pipeline Management
Unlimited Sales Funnels
Workflow Automation
Live Web Chat Widget
Online Booking Page
GMB Missed Call Text Back
GMB Automated Review Requests
Reputation Management
Social Media Integration
3 Landing Pages or 3 Page Website
Social Media Posting
Case Studies
Email Marketing
SMS Marketing
PPC Advertising
Direct Mail Marketing
Online Scheduling for Teams
Estimates and Proposals
1 Consulting Hour Per Month
Show All Features


For established businesses
looking to expand

$695per month
Pipeline Management
Unlimited Sales Funnels
Workflow Automation
Live Web Chat Widget
Online Booking Page
GMB Missed Call Text Back
GMB Automated Review Requests
Reputation Management
Social Media Integration
5 Landing Pages or 5 Page Website
Social Media Posting
1 Case Study Per Month
1 Email Campaign Per Month
1 SMS Campaign Per Month
1 PPC Campaign Per Month
Direct Mail Marketing
Online Scheduling for Teams
Estimates and Proposals
2 Consulting Hours Per Month
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For enterprises and market
leaders seeking domination

$1970per month
Pipeline Management
Unlimited Sales Funnels
Workflow Automation
Live Web Chat Widget
Online Booking Page
GMB Missed Call Text Back
GMB Automated Review Requests
Reputation Management
Social Media Integration
7 Landing Pages or 7 Page Website
1 Social Media Post Per Week
2 Case Studies Per Month
2 Email Campaigns Per Month
2 SMS Campaigns Per Month
2 PPC Campaigns Per Month
Monthly Direct Mail Marketing
Online Scheduling for Teams
Estimates and Proposals
3 Consulting Hours Per Month
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Every feature designed to ensure maximum return on your marketing investments, converting efforts into sales.

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