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The Missing Link problem is only the most common problem in B2B. But there are almost as many ways for your Sell Cycle to fail as there are steps in the process. If your marketing program isn't working as it should, use this guide to help you pinpoint the problem. Then contact to solve it.

Not Enough Sales Leads

If you're not getting enough sales leads from your marketing program, start by looking at what you're spending money on. Marketing doesn't generate leads well, it's mostly designed to create awareness. Get Help

Can't Get Past Gatekeepers

Anyone who can't get past a gatekeeper should find another job. Because you're not actually in B2B sales or marketing if you can't reach a decision maker. Get Help

Poor Quality Sales Leads

Tightening up the Lead Qualification Criteria usually just masks the problem. The cause is usually in how the leads were generated in the first place. Get Help

Weak Interest by Prospects

Generating interest requires a solid economic value proposition, and a connection to the prospect's needs. No one cares who you are, they only care about what you can do for them. Get Help

Poor Response Rates

Most marketing tools today are more hype than help. And response rates collapse once the novelty of the technique wears off, rather than benefiting from the "repetition effect." Stick to what works, and let the crowd go for the shiny object. Get Help

The Sell-Cycle Takes Too Long

Waiting for a decision to be made is a sure-fire way to have too much quota left over at the end of the year. Creating urgency is the only solution. Get Help

Disappearing Prospects

If a prospect "goes dark" when you try to call them back, there may be a good reason; but don't count on it. It's time for a resurrection - which usually means starting the sales process over. Get Help

Customer Attrition

If it seems like the only customers who are loyal are your competitors', you're missing the point. It's not them, it's you. Get Help

Voice Mail Hell

Technology may have given us more tools to work with, but it's also made it easier for decision makers to hide. You should learn how to leverage technology, rather than just use it. Get Help

Lack of Accountability

When your team doesn't make its numbers and the finger-pointing begins, look in the mirror first. Only then should you consider changing your team or your strategy. Get Help

Failure to Break Through the Clutter

Clutter in the media makes advertising an arms race that only the media win. To get people's attention in B2B, you have to find a way to interrupt the decision maker's day. Get Help

Ineffective Go-to-Market Strategy

If your strategy has stopped working, your market may have shifted. Time to get back to the drawing boards. Get Help

Incumbent Competitors

Unhooking competition is rarely a matter of price. Nor do you always have to faster, better or cheaper. Often it's just a matter of minimizing the client's risk. Get Help

Sub-Par Sales Performance

Whether you use salespeople or channel partners, you need to recruit, hire, train, compensate, coach and motivate your team correctly. Because "hope" is never a strategy. Get Help

Low Close Rates

A low close rate is almost always a symptom of much deeper problems, such as poor positioning or ineffective sales techniques. By the way, it's rarely because of price. Get Help
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