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Despite the dizzying array of marketing solutions that are available today, most B2B companies find that success remains just out of reach.

The reason, it turns out, is that promotion (e.g. Inbound Marketing) alone doesn't work for most companies. In B2B, at least, you also need to do a little market research, and you especially need to do direct marketing, to get to "where you want to be."

Market research tells you who to target, and it minimizes waste (which is a huge problem). You need promotion to create awareness, of course, but it can also help with targeting (if it's done right). But you ultimately need direct marketing - usually in the form of cold calling - to actually get you in the door.

And only can do it all.

What's Going On?

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The fact is that many verticals in B2B have shrunk by as much as 30% since before the recession. Entire channels and markets have literally disappeared due to the growth of online retail. Most lists are old and inaccurate. Capital spending, a major driver in B2B, is down virtually across the board. Global competition has driven prices to marginal costs, or even lower. And executives are deathly afraid of making decisions, especially any that involve change, assuming that the organization isn't already so flat that there's simply no one who's responsible for buying your product.

The Solution

The answer is to go back to basics: Use market research to identify prospects who actually need your product. (Don't just buy a list, and then "spray and pray.") Use promotion to create real awareness and stimulate real interest. (Don't just "throw stuff against the wall and hope something sticks.") And use professional B2B telemarketing to set the appointment. (Don't just "smile and dial.")

Technology may have changed the game profoundly. But what everybody seems to get wrong is that they think it re-wrote the rules, when it really only gave you more weapons to fight the same old battle.

Next steps

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