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Cold calling isn't dead! It's not even resting!

The idea that cold calling is dead is a classic "Big Lie," i.e. a falsehood that, if you repeat it often enough, people will start to believe it. The reality however is that it's just a bunch of marketing nonsense put out by companies that sell inbound marketing services. The truth is that cold calling is alive and well. And it still works - if you know what you're doing.

Do You Need to Make More Effective Cold Calls?

  • Do you need to "get in the door" - and have it be fun instead of painful?
  • Do you need more appointments?
  • Do you need better opportunities?
  • Do you need more sales?
  • Do you need to take your sales career to the next level?

Learn Cold Calling from the professionals at LeadGen.com, and start getting sales - instead of rejection!

Don't Fall for the Old "Tricks-of-the-Trade" Scam

The fact of the matter is that learning how to make effective cold calls - whether you're calling a Purchasing Manager or the CEO of a Fortune 500 company - isn't something that can be boiled down into "5 Tricks for Getting Past Gatekeepers" or "3 Tips for Better Cold Calls." In fact, there are no "tricks" to it at all. Cold calling is the purest sales skill there is - it's just you against the prospect. So you need to understand what they're thinking, what they'll respond to, and how to create and deliver an effective pitch that works.

In "Cold Calling for Professionals" you'll:

  • Learn how to write an effective script
  • Learn how to find good lists
  • Learn how to get past gatekeepers and voice mail
  • Learn how to stimulate interest
  • Learn how to overcome objections and "not interested"
  • Learn how to unhook incumbent competitors
  • Learn how to get more call-backs
  • Learn how to shorten your sell-cycle
  • Learn how to turn "no" into "yes!"
  • And learn how to get in the door with C-Level decision makers who need your products or services, and who want to talk with you about how you can help!

That's what you get in "Cold Calling for Professionals" - everything you need to know in order to build an effective B2B cold calling program, and become a rock star on the phones.

Three Ways to Learn

There are three ways you can learn how to make better cold calls:

Option 1: Take the Online "Cold Calling for Professionals" Course

"Cold Calling for Professionals" is now available in an online course, including 300+ slides and lectures, cold calling aids, and more. Everything you need to know in order to build an effective B2B marketing program, and become a rainmaker - all for just $49.95.

Take the "Cold Calling for Professionals" online course here - and turn your telephone into an ATM!

Option 2: Read the "Cold Calling 101" Book

If your preferred learning style is to read a book, now the full text of the "Cold Calling for Professionals" course is available in both eBook and paperback formats. Click below to take your skills to the next level, and beyond.

Buy the eBook
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Option 3: Attend a FREE "B2B Cold Calling" Webinar

If you'd like to test the waters first, sign up for one of our FREE half-hour "B2B Cold Calling" Webinars, and get all the fundamentals you need to kick-start your results. In this thirty minute forum we present the highlights of the "Cold Calling for Professionals" online course - and hopefully give you just enough to get you going on your own.

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