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Campaign Components

Brochures and Fliers
Case Histories
Economic-Value (EVC) Models
Cover Letters

Strategy Development

Market Opportunity Identification
Strategy Analysis
Competitive Analysis
New Product Planning
Strategic Market Planning
Business Plans
Marketing Plans
Sales/Territory Plans
Modeling and Risk Analysis

Content/CM Development

Content Writing
Web Site Development
Sell Sheets
Social Media Postings


Geofence Marketing
Video Marketing
Landing Page Publishing
Digital Marketing
Mobile Marketing
Radio / TV Advertising
Digital Advertising
Email Marketing
Direct Mail
Social Media Marketing
Search Engine Optimization

Sales Development

Channel Management
Channel Partners
Part-Time Sales Management

Lead Generation

LinkedIn Lead Generation

Professional B2B Telemarketing
Executive Appointment-Setting
Getting Specced In
Pre-Qualification Programs
Nurture Campaigns
Appointment-Setting Programs
Trade Show Pre-Calls/Follow-Ups
Targeted Facebook Ads

Market Research and Targeting

Primary Market Research
Secondary Market Research
Surveys and Questionnaires
List Research and Clean-Up
Data Mining


Entry-Level Teleprospectors
Sales Representatives
Lead Generation Specialists
Business Development Reps
Field Sales Representatives
Sales Managers
Marketing Managers
Sales Job Modeling


UX/ UI Design
CRM Systems
Call Center Systems
AI Systems
e-Commerce Systems
Custom Software Development


Sales Training 101
Sales Coaching
Cold Calling Training
Sales Skills Assessment


Business Loans/Funding


Sales Consulting
Marketing Consulting


As the saying goes, "If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail." That's why we offer every possible sales and marketing solution - so we can be unbiased with our recommendations, and so we can make sure you get the results you're looking for.