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• Do you need to break through the clutter in the media?
• Do you need more, or better, sales leads?
• Do you need to unhook competition, and win more business?

Whether you're looking for an in-house solution, or you prefer outsourcing, at LeadGen.com we have the sales and marketing tools and expertise you need to penetrate any market, develop any opportunity, and overcome any barrier-to-success - so you can achieve your goals faster, less expensively, and with a lower risk than you ever thought possible.

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LeadGen.com has dozens of solutions, to address virtually any challenge you face, including:

Lead Generation - Recruiting - SEO - Lists - Data Mining - Search Marketing - PR - CRM - eCommerce - Social Media Marketing - Cold Calling - Trade Shows - Content Marketing - Advertising - Sales Training - Re-Branding - Consulting - Web Sites - Technology - and more! You name it, and we have it.

Client $uccesses

Do you need proof that LeadGen.com can help you grow your sales? Here are just a few examples of what we've done for businesses just like yours to help them achieve the revenue growth they're seeking.

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An eLearning Company

An eLearning company was struggling to close four new deals a year. When LeadGen.com got through with them, they were closing 4 new deals per month - a 1200% increase!

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A Race Track

Attendance at a horse racing venue was far below break-even on weekdays. LeadGen.com pitched it to area companies as a great place for a company outing, and tripled weekday revenues!

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A Metal Fabricator

A metal fabricator wanted to sell his business, but revenues had slackened. LeadGen.com helped them penetrate the power gen market, doubling revenues and enabling a successful sale of the company.

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An Accounting Firm

Underutilization of staff between tax periods was draining profits for a mid-sized accounting firm - until LeadGen.com created a promotional program that grew revenues by 60% in less than a year.

The LeadGen.com Story

We can help

If you're like most CEOs, Business Owners or Sales Directors who are looking for growth, you've probably already realized that there are far too many so-called "solutions" out there to be able to figure out which one is right for you. Vendor recommendations depend on what they sell, not necessarily on what will actually work. Employees have limited expertise. Consultants can't implement. And no one wants to take the time to understand you and your business before they try to sell you something. So you're on your own trying to figure out the right answer. And so you often end up doing the wrong thing.

But what if you could work with someone who's unbiased - because they offer every possible solution? What if you could work with sales and marketing experts who'll take the time to understand your situation, and who have decades of experience and expertise, so they can put together the right marketing mix - one that will enable you to overcome your barriers-to-success, and achieve your objectives?

That's what we've built at LeadGen.com. At LeadGen.com we know Marketing and Sales. And with dozens of LeadGen.com Solutions and Partners, and a staff of Account Managers to guide you through the process, we can provide you with everything you need to achieve the success you're after. [How LeadGen.com Works]

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LeadGen.com can help you:

  • Unhook competition
  • Get your prospect's attention
  • Increase your close rate
  • Shorten your sell-cycle
  • Get past gatekeepers
  • Persuade prospects to contact you
  • Find opportunities faster
  • Win a price war
  • Recruit qualified salespeople
  • Generate better-quality leads
  • Produce more effective advertising
  • Increase your sales margins
  • Win more, lose less, and stop wasting time and money on solutions that don't work!

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