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Applications offers an entire arsenal of weapons designed to help you win in the market. Including world-class lead generation, market research, and consulting, we can get you in the door with prospects who need your company's products or services, and who want to talk with you about how you can help.

Below are just a few of the applications we offer.

Do you need more revenue? At we have solutions that can take your business to the next level. And you won't have to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in personnel, programs or infrastructure either - because one-stop does it all.

Setting a sales goal is easy. Figuring out how to achieve it is hard. At we can design marketing and sales strategies that work, and deliver those profitable new market opportunities you need. In other words, we can build you a program that's going to ring your cash register - now, and in the future.
Getting in the door is the first - and hardest - step in the B2B sell cycle. At we can put you in front of decision makers who need your company's products or services, and who want to talk with you about how you can help - because we've been doing it for over 20 years.
Success in today's competitive market takes more than just "showing up." can recruit, hire, train, coach and motivate your team so they close more sales, and maximize your ROI. We can even manage them for you, so you get the results you need, not just more headaches.
Getting in the door is great, but what you ultimately need is a successful close. At we have the tools and techniques that can monetize your funnel, and put the "R" in ROI. Can Help You Maximize Your Company's Sales!

If you're looking for more sales, you've come to the right place. Because at getting results - and ringing your cash register - is what we're all about. The answer isn't always as simple as flicking a switch. But the funny thing about B2B is that the cost of effective marketing and sales is always less than the cost of ineffective marketing and sales. And you can take that to the bank.

If you need more sales, you need

Are you in a competitive slug-fest? Are you challenged by the clutter in the media? By competitive incumbency? Or by prospects who always choose the "do nothing" option? At we have the tools you need to break through the noise, to unhook your competitors, and to get your prospects to buy!

If you can't get your prospect's attention, selling to them is going to be a whole lot more challenging. But at we have tools and techniques that can break through the clutter - and get them looking at you, kid!
Once you've gotten their attention, are you then able to get them to be interested? If "I'm not interested" is your most common objection, we can fix it. Because we know what "floats their boat," and yours, too.
You may have an ad agency, but do they do lead gen? You may have a Web developer, but do they recruit? Or you may have a sales trainer, but do they do SEO? We can fill in the missing pieces between vendors, and bridge the divide between marketing and sales.
Unseating a competitor isn't a matter of lowering your price, or piling on features. In most cases, it's a chess game - a game we love, and love to win - for you.
Remember when "nobody ever got fired for buying Blue?" How would you like to be the default option in your market? At, we can make it happen. Can Help You Beat Your Competition!

You may not know this, but market share is the key to profitability - because the more market share you have, the more you can charge. If you don't have on your team, though, you're just leaving money on the table.

If you need more market share, you need

Is your appetite for growth bigger than your budget? Do you need to do more with less? By using's one-stop-shop you can take advantage of economies-of-scale that you can't get anywhere else.

At we develop program elements such as your Value Proposition, Positioning, Economic Value to the Customer, Lead Qualification Criteria, Benefits and more so they can be used in every phase of your marketing and sales program. So you don't have to re-develop them with every vendor - saving you tens of thousands of dollars or more for the typical program. partners with some of the best solution providers in the business, and then passes along the savings to you.
You know the old saying: "If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail." But at we have dozens of solutions. So you get what you need, not just what your solution provider has on the shelf.
When you use multiple vendors, and an initiative fails, that's when the finger-pointing begins. But with you get a dedicated Account Manager to oversee all of the work. So you can get a good night's sleep knowing that there's someone out there who really cares whether or not you succeed. Can Help You Maximize Your Profitability!

If you need more cash flowing to your bottom line, we can help. At we understand the synergies between program elements, and how to make them work for you. So instead spending of time and effort shopping for the best price, you can save your energy for counting your winnings.

If you need more ROI, you need

Growing your sales in the B2B market starts with understanding exactly how your prospects make decisions. Because unlike the nonsense that "57% of the decision is made before the prospect ever talks to a salesperson," most prospects don't even know they have a need until a salesperson points it out to them.