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Executive Appointment-Setting

Getting an appointment with someone who has more time than money is easy. The real challenge is getting in the door with someone who has more money than time. If you're in sales, this is the type of person you really want to meet, and we can help.

At, we know how to get you in the door with just about any decision maker - no matter how big the company, and no matter how lofty the title - provided, of course, that you're willing to play by their rules.

Should You Buy an Appointment?

Of course, the obvious question is, What are their rules?

To answer it, you could start by making the not unreasonable assumption that most executives are "bottom line oriented." And so you might ask yourself: What's an executive's time worth?

  • If he or she makes, say, $300,000 per year, can you assume their time is worth $150/hour? And if so, do you think you could you "buy" an hour of their time for $150?

  • Or perhaps their expense budget is $10,000,000 per year. Do you think you could you convince them to spend an hour with you if you offered them $5,000 cash? Or maybe a half hour for $2,500?

  • Or what if their sales are $50,000,000? If so, do you think you could convince them to have lunch or play golf with you for $12K or so?

Amazingly, some executives actually think this way. Than is, you can literally buy an appointment to see them for some amount that they might even tell you. The problem is then, of course, how do you get them to pay attention when you're there?

For other executives you also might need to consider their "Opportunity Cost." That is, what else could they be doing with their time that might be more important than a couple of hundred - or even a couple of thousand - dollars, or even a round of golf?

  • Maybe they have a crisis, and they can't even go home to change their clothes.

  • Or maybe they just don't have time - for the next six months.

  • Or maybe they're resistant to change, and they know that you're going to try to persuade them to do something that's going to require them to consider from six different angles.

It's clear that you're not going to get in with this person by paying them off. And they're certainly not going to respond to you're normal pitch. So what can you do?

The Secret to Success

The good news is that there is a solution. It starts with understanding that everyone has a job to do, and everyone has a boss - even the CEO.

At, we leverage that understanding to get you in the door with an executive who's willing to listen.

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