LeadGen.com - the One-Stop-Shop for all your Sales and Marketing needs - is a service of JV/M, Inc., a US-based Sales and Marketing solution provider that helps clients in the industrial, commercial, financial, technology, professional and consumer sectors increase their sales, their profit margins and their market share through more effective Sales and Marketing.

With locations throughout the US and Canada, and Partners throughout the world, LeadGen.com provides dozens of different sales and marketing products and services, under the LeadGen.com family of solutions, designed to help you:

  • Generate more qualified sales leads
  • Identify more new sales opportunities
  • Get more attention in your markets
  • Stimulate more interest among decision makers
  • Get in the door
  • Unhook competition
  • Shorten the sell-cycle
  • Increase your close-rate
  • Raise your prices, and
  • Close more - and more profitable - sales

With LeadGen.com you get the right solutions for all your sales and marketing challenges, faster, less-expensively, with a lower risk-of-failure, less aggravation, and a single-point-of-contact to assure coordination and accountability.

But the bottom line is simply this: If you need more sales, you need LeadGen.com.

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