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Why You Shouldn't Buy from Us

There's one main reason why you shouldn't, at least, consider buying from It is: If you know exactly what the problem is, exactly why it's happening, and exactly how to fix it, don't call us. Call a mechanic. But if you're not sure, call us.

Symptoms vs Diseases

The idea of "knowing exactly what the problem is" is one of the most confounding in sales and marketing. This is because every one of your employees who's failing will immediately point the finger at someone else. It's a misdirection that makes an accurate diagnosis of the problem virtually impossible.

Then there's the question of root causes. Determining what is a symptom of the problem, as opposed to what is the underlying cause, can be extremely frustrating. This requires that you know how the sell cycle is supposed to work. But most business owners only have an idealized version of how the process is supposed to work, not the more accurate textbook version. If you haven't studied this stuff in school, you're analyzing the situation against the wrong standard. So you're going to get the wrong answer.

Finally there's the data problem. Even with all the data available today, three times out of four the root cause isn't found in the data you have; it's in the data you don't have. And even when it's in the data you have, most people misinterpret it.

Anyway, here are some examples:

  • Not having enough leads is a symptom. Having an ineffective marketing program a possible cause. But so is having a bad CRM. So is spreading your sales team too thin. So is poor targeting. And so is poor messaging, among a dozen other possibilities.
  • Losing to competition is a symptom. Having a weak value proposition is a possible cause. But so is having too high a price. So is bad sales training. So is having a weak proposal system. And so is non-compliance with purchasing requirements, among a dozen other possibilities.

But if you know exactly what the problem is, and you're sure you're right, don't call us.

How'd You Get Sick in the First Place?

Knowing exactly what the problem is is only the first step. It's equally important to know why it happened. This is because, if you don't know why it happened, it's likely to happen again.

For example, you might fix a sales problem temporarily by hiring a salesperson from a competitor. But what happens when he poaches all his old accounts over to you, and he's run out of accounts to poach? If he doesn't know how to develop new business, you're stuck. On the other hand, if you recognized that the real problem was that you had a bad sales training program, and fixed that in the first place, you'd be in great shape by now.

Or you might solve an awareness problem by investing in Inbound Marketing, And it might even produce lots of traffic. But if the reason it happened in the first place was because your positioning was wrong, the traffic won't convert. On the other hand, if you recognized that the real problem was that your Marketing Director didn't understand your buyers, and if you had invested in some market reseach in the first place, you'd probably be rolling in it by now.

But if you know exactly why the problem happened, and you're sure you're right, don't call us.

And Now for the Cure

Knowing what the real problem is, and knowing what caused it, are both critical to turning around a sales problem. But you also need to know how to fix it. And with hundreds of solutions for almost every problem, that's not so easy to do.

Let's assume you figured out that the reason you're losing sales is because your salespeople are ineffective. And let's assume that, rather than hire new reps, the better solution would be to train them better. How do you know what training program to use?

Or let's assume that you don't have enough sales leads, and the reason you don't have enough sales leads is that you can't get the attention of your decision makers. With the thousands of promotional options available, how do you know which one will work?

Or let's assume that you're unable to win with your price, but you can't lower your price and still be profitable. So you decide to segment your market, and focus on high-value targets. With thousands of databases and direct marketing options, how do you know which to choose?

Once again, if you know how to choose which solution is best, and you're sure you're right, don't call us.

Why You Should Consider Buying from

Of course, if you're not sure what the problem is, you're not sure what caused it, or you're not sure how to fix it, you can call us at 856-638-0399 or email us at And we'll get you going in the right direction.

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