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The Partner Program
Interim Terms and Conditions

The Partner Program, and the Certified Partner Program, are joint marketing programs sponsored by JV/M, Inc., the owner of The purpose of the Partner Program is as follows:

  • To provide businesses with the right solutions, well-executed and properly managed, to their sales and marketing challenges,
  • To provide maximum visibility in the market, and new sales opportunities, for and its Partners to aid in achieving their individual and mutual revenue goals, and
  • To provide an additional, commission-based revenue stream for and its Partners through lead sharing among Partner program participants.

Because the Partner program is new, we are in the process of developing a formal set of Terms and Conditions. Until the formal Partnership Agreement is released, the following will provide a rough operating framework. If you are interested in becoming a Partner in the interim, you will be asked to sign a letter acknowledging your concurrence with the terms below as of the date signed.

Interim Joint Marketing Agreement

This Interim Joint Marketing Agreement defines the roles and responsibilities, for and its Partners, under the Partner Program. This Agreement shall be in effect until a full Operating Agreement is released, or until 12/31/2019, whichever is sooner.

This agreement is made by Josephson Venture/Marketing, Inc. (d/b/a "JV/M, Inc." and "",) 1221 N. Church Street, Suite 202, Moorestown, NJ 08057, and ____________________________, ____________________________, "Partner", this _______ day of ________________, 2019.


License – This agreement defines the terms and conditions for the Partner to use the brand, mark and/or logo, to participate in joint marketing programs, to refer business to or other Partners, and to enable and its other Partners to refer business to the Partner.

Partnership Promotion – Any Web page, email, Social Media post, blog entry, article, letter, video, verbal or written communication, advertisement, display, or other promotion that includes the term “,” its marks, activities or other identifying branding that was paid for or sponsored by a Partner, or by on behalf of the partnership, is considered to be a Partnership Promotion.

Partnership Prospect – A Partnership Prospect is an end-user business or individual who interacts with a partnership promotion, email, telemarketing call, Social Media interaction or link, or who makes an inquiry about a product or service of or one of its Partners in a manner that is traceable to a Partnership promotion, email, telemarketing call, Social Media interaction or link. A Partnership Prospect may be defined by their IP Address, alias, or other geographic, corporate or network identifiers until such time as more personally identifying information is acquired.

Partnership Client – A Partnership Client is an end-user business or individual who purchases and/or uses the products or services of or one of its Partners, where either (1) the initiation of the relationship with or a Partner can be traced to a Partnership promotional activity or link funded or displayed by or a Partner, or (2) the relationship was upgraded from non-partnership status in order to obtain products or services from or a Partner.

Creditable Transactions - Sales made by or one of its Partners as a result of a Partnership promotion that results in a commission being owed to, paid to or waived by or one or more Partners.

Account Controller – Account controller is a role assigned to the Partner or by mutual agreement, which includes billing and collections. is the Account Controller for all Partnership Clients by default for any account that submitted an inquiry directly to A Partner must provide a specific sales or marketing solution to the Partnership Client in order to be considered for assigment of Control of an account.

Control of an account by or the Partner shall continue through the sell cycle, and if a sale is made, through delivery of the solution, for a minimum of two years, unless mutually agreed otherwise by and the Partner.

Account Manager – In cases where an engagement involves the participation of a Partner and, or more than one Partner, an Account Manager may be assigned to coordinate and oversee the joint efforts. This individual will usually be an employee of or Independent Contractor for, but he or she potentially could be an employee of a Partner, depending on the nature of the engagement.

Partner Candidates - Providers of sales or marketing products or services who would like to participate in the Partner program.

Partner Prospects - Partners who want to buy and/or use the products or services of or another Partner.

Partner Clients - Partners who purchase and use the products or services of or another Partner.

Partnership Promotion - Any of the following:

  • A logo or link displayed on a Partner’s Web site, email, video, Social Media posting, blog, Web posting, advertisement, press release, or other promotional material.
  • A Partner’s logo or link displayed on’s Web site, email, video, Social Media posting, blog, Web posting, advertisement, press release, or other promotional material.

Relevant Products and Services - Those products and services that the Partner wishes to promote through this program, and which deems useful by Partnership Clients for use in sales or marketing.

General Obligations and Opportunities

The following obligations apply to both and the Partner:

  • Each party shall promote the products and servics of the other in order to leverage the network, traffic and visibility of the other for mutual gain.
  • Each party shall display the other party's logo prominently on their Web site and other relevant emails and marketing promotions, which shall include an active tracking link to the other party's Web site.
  • Each party shall participate in joint promotional activities by mutual agreement.
  • Each party shall pay a commission to the other Party on sales of that party's products or services where the lead originated with the other Party within 30 days of being paid by the Partnership client.
  • Each party shall provide to the other copies of invoices and payments made by Partnership Clients to document commissions due and paid. And each party shall have to right to audit sales of the other party, from leads generated by them, twice a year.
  • All sales made to a Partnership Client shall be commissionable for a period of no less than two years. Obligations will provide the following under the Partner Program:

  • will include the Partner’s name, logo, and a link to the Partner’s Web site on the Partners page.
  • will include the Partner’s logo, a link to the Partner’s Web site, and a description of the Partner's relevant products and services on the Solutions page, and make the Partner's products and services entries searchable by site visitors and potential customers based on mutually agreed and appropriate keywords.
  • will promote the Partner's offerings as part of's general and Partner-specific promotional efforts as appropriate and mutually agreed, and participate in Partner's promotional efforts where mutually agreed.
  • shall suggest and/or recommend to its prospects and customers the use of the Partner's products and services where the Account Manager feels it would be appropriate. The Account Manager may also solicit the Partner's opinion regarding the appropriateness of the Partner's products or services in addressing the customer's goals and challenges in order to make a solution suggestion or recommendation to a Parnership client.

Partner Obligations

Partners shall provide the following under the Partner Program:

  • The Partner shall provide with their company description, product information (including pricing), contact information, and a list of keywords that would appropriately select for their products and services.
  • The Partner shall feature the appropriate Partner program logo on the first page (or prominently elsewhere, by mutual agreement) of their Website, with an active tracking link back to the Web site. The Partner shall submit copies of their promotions for’s approval.
  • The Partner shall participate in joint promotional activities with, as mutually agreed.
  • All Partner uses of the logo, mark or brand MUST include tracking software that reports to views of any pages containing the logo, mark or brand, including the IP Address of the visitor and the page name, and enables to trace and appropriately credit its use. Any use of the logo, mark or brand without appropriate tracking software will result in the Partner’s termination from the program, and may subject the Partner to further sanctions.
  • Partners shall report to any unauthorized use of the log, mark or brand.
  • Partners shall actively promote Partners who do not activey promote may be dropped from the program.
  • Partners shall solicit the opinion of the Account Manager regarding the appropriateness of's or other Partners' solutions when addressing customers' goals and challenges, and consider suggesting them to their customers, where appropriate.
  • Upon cancellation or termination of this agreement, Partner must remove all marks and material from their Web site, and cease all references to their participation in the Partner program.

The Fine Print

  • Each party shall hold harmless the other party.
  • Each party shall maintain the other party's confidential information as confidential.
  • Each party shall conduct its business ethically and professionally.
  • Neither party shall engage in disparagement of the other party, nor attempt to solicit an employee of the other party for employment.
  • Neither party shall encumber the other party unless by mutual agreement.
  • Parties are independent agents. No Workers Comp. No transfer of liabilities, etc.
  • Eitehr Party may cancel this agreement at anytime.

Signed for Partner:

Name: ____________________________________

Title: ___________________________________

Company: _________________________________

Address: _________________________________

City, ST ZipCode: ________________________

Telephone: _______________________________

Email: ___________________________________

Signed for

Signature: ____________________________________
Print: Jeffrey L. Josephson
Title: President
Company: JV/M, Inc.
Address: 1221 N Church St., Suite 202
City, ST ZipCode: Moorestown, NJ 08057
Telephone: 856-638-0399
Email: JJosephson @

Appendix A: Commission Structure

In general, commissions are paid to the Partner who generated the lead by the Partner (or Partners) who fulfill the sale, as a percentage of the closed sale, with commission splitting, as shown in the table below. As a result, the more you promote, the more leads you'll generate for both yourself and for other Partners. And therefore the more sales you will generate for yourself, and commissions you will earn on sales made by other Partners.

Note that every product or service has its own price, as set by the Partner, and it's own commission rate ("X" in the table below), as mutually agreed by and the Partner. Commission payments and splits are then determined as follows:

Who Generates the Lead Who Does the Work
You Another Partner
You (no click thru) n/a n/a n/a
You (w/click thru
You pay 1/2 of X% to pays you X% Other Partner pays you 1/2 of X%
Other Partner pays 1/2 of X% You pay X% to n/a n/a
Another Partner You pay 1/2 of X% to Other Partner
You pay 1/2 of X% to
n/a n/a

As you can see with this structure, you can earn significant commissions by referring business to and other Partners, shown in green. And you can generate significant new sales revenues from leads that are provided by and other Partners, with the commissions you pay shown in blue.

Getting Started

As a Marketing Partner, the opportunity for leveraging for new business opportunities and revenue streams is even stronger with consistent and solid participation in joint promotional and marketing activities.

What We Will Give to You to Help Get You Started

As a Marketing Partner, you will be provided with the following:

  • A Press Release Template - to announce your participation in the program.
  • Social Media Post Recommendations - text and hashtags for penetrating the socials (e.g. #LeadGen and #LeadGenPartner)
  • Partner Email Nurture Campaign - 3 Consecutive Emails
  • A Posting in the Group on LinkedIn - New Partner Company Spotlight
  • Partner Announcement - Distributed by
  • Partner Logos - For display on website, social media, etc..

What We Need From You, the Partner Candidate, to Get Started

In order to list your products and services on, we will need the following information from you on each product or service you want listed.

  • Product Name - the trade name you use for your product or service.
  • Product Description - a description, in no more than 100 words, of the product, its application and its benefits.
  • Product Details - additional descriptive information, up to 250 words, about the product, its application and its benefits.
  • Pricing - the list price for the product or service, if available.
  • Pricing Model - a description of how prices are calculated, if it is not a simple unit price.
  • Commission Rates - the commission rates you are willing and able to pay on closed sales.
  • Your Logo - a png or jpg of your company's logo, no larger than 300px x 300 px.
  • Your Company's Web site or landing page - the URL of the page you want us to send click-throughs to.
  • Sales Info - a brief description of how to identify and qualify a prospect for your product, and how to sell it.
  • Case Histories - one or more case histories illustrating your solutions and value.
  • Contact Info - contact information for your chief marketing, sales and technical managers.

Once you and have signed the Partnership Agreement, please send the following to

  • Page Sample - a screen shot (and a copy of the link) of the logo as it appears on your Web site and other promotions.
  • Marketing Plan - a brief description of how you plan to promote the Partnership.

What We Would Like You to Do

In order to list your products and services on, we will need the following information from you on each product or service you want listed.

  • Follow on LinkedIn - Like and share all updates
  • Join the Group on LinkedIn - Participate in discussions
  • Share Links - creates content including white papers, blog articles, case studies and opinion pieces, including banners promoting the expertise of Partners are encouraged to share content in support of the brand representation.

Cross marketing efforts in support of the brand and branding will benefit all Marketing Partners, allowing for greater marketing and business development opportunities for all.