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The Affiliate Program

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Do You Love Marketing and/or Sales?

If you love marketing, if you're skilled at promotion or networking, and if you're looking for a way to have fun and make more money, the Affiliate Program can help you monetize your passion.

  • Are you tired of hopping from job to job, or from project to project?
  • Are you frustrated trying to sell a limited product or service set to your clients?
  • Are you annoyed that your earnings are limited?
  • Do you get frustrated when you find someone with a sales or marketing need, but you have no way to help?
  • Or are you just tired of dead ends, platform restrictions, and clicks that never seem to pay off?

As a Affiliate you can ring your cash register by doing what you love: Marketing.

Bring in, Earn Commissions on Closed Sales

Companies spend millions of dollars a year on advertising, social media, Websites, eCommerce, inbound, PPC, and dozens of other marketing gimmicks - many of which simply don't work.

You may even work for a company, or have clients, who are failing right now.

At, however, we have sales and marketing solutions that really work. And we have the experience and expertise to deliver the results that businesses are looking for.

We just need to tell people about it.

We're Looking for a Few Good Affiliates

At we're looking for people like you, people who have relationships in the market, and know how to get the word out. And so we're looking for people to tell businesses about how can generate qualified sales leads, and help them achieve the success they're seeking.

In other words, we're looking for Affiliates who will:

  • Introduce's services to your local, industry or online network
  • Promote on social sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, Blogs and Podcasts
  • Use direct marketing like email, cold calling or direct mail to find companies that need help, and let people know we can solve their marketing and sales challenges
  • Or be creative! You know how to get attention; here's your chance to get paid for it!

And when they close, you get paid based on how much they spend. Typically, a minimum of $250.00 per sale, and potentially much, much more!

You don't even need to mention, by the way. If you want to "white label" our services, fine. We'll do the work, you get the commission.

You Get Us In the Door, We'll Get 'Em Over the Finish Line

Once people hear about our unique "One-Stop Shop" approach, they're sold. That's because we have every solution in the book. And we know how to solve virtually any sales or marketing problem there is. So you just get them interested, and we'll take care of the rest.

And We'll Deliver Results that Will Make You a Hero!

At we're "solution agnostic". That means that, when it comes to solving a client's marketing or sales problem, we'll do what works, not what's convenient.

At we don't just sell something because it's all we have to offer. And we don't tell a client that they need to implement a particular tactic because it's more profitable for us. We analyze their market, and their competitive strengths and weaknesses, and we figure out what the best strategy is for them to achieve their revenue goals. Then we implement it, tweak it, and stay with them until they're happy - and want to raise the bar again!

Whether You're a Farmer or a Hunter, We Have a Place for You

With the Affiliate Program, you have a choice. Once you find an opportunity, you can simply go back out and get another scalp. Or you can help manage the accounts you bring in, potentially as an Account Manager, and help design and implement the sales or marketing programs we develop. The choice is yours.

Because there's so much business out there, the opportunity - for both of us - is endless.