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Pricing offers two pricing options: Fee-for-service pricing, and the MORE/Performance Program.

Fee-for-Service Pricing

Under the traditional fee-for-service option, each of's services are priced at an hourly or fixed-price basis, with many solutions available under a range of rates depending on the level required.

For example, telemarketing is available from $25/hour to $50/hour, depending on the sales and technical skill required. Web pages can range from $250 for a simple Web page to several thousand dollars for an eCommerce page.

The Minimal Outlay and Risk Exposure / Performance Pricing Program
(The MORE/Performance Program)

To better help companies face today's challenging market conditions, has announced a new pricing option, called the MORE/Performance Program. The major features of the program are:

  • Reduced initial set-up and reduced/eliminated implementation costs
  • Back-end, performance-based or per-lead pricing

Depending on the go-to-market strategy, may defer or eliminate direct charges, and instead would be compensated partly or solely via a back-end or performance-based incentive (e.g. on a per-lead basis, or a percent of GP basis). In some cases under this program, may need to ask the client to cover some minimal direct, media or out-of-pocket costs, but would otherwise defer most of its compensation to a back-end, performance-based incentive.

For more information on either program, speak to your representative.

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