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Cold Calling: Training and Coaching

Cold calling isn't dead! It's not even resting! In fact, it's the fastest, best and easiest way to generate new sales. [more]

Do You Need to Make More Effective Cold Calls?

If you want to make more effective cold calls, learn Cold Calling from the professionals at And start getting sales - instead of rejection! [more]

Don't Fall for the Old "Tricks-of-the-Trade" Scam

Making effective cold calls can't be boiled down to "3 Tricks for Getting Past Gatekeepers." In fact, there are no "tricks" to it at all. You just need to understand what's going on on the other end of the phone. [more]

Three Ways to Learn How to Make More Effective Cold Calls offers three ways you can learn how to make better cold calls:

Option 1: Take the Online "Cold Calling for Professionals" Course

"Cold Calling for Professionals" is now available in an online course, including 300+ slides and lectures, cold calling aids, and more. Everything you need in order to build an effective B2B marketing program, and become a rainmaker - all for just $49.95.

Option 2: Read the "The Guide to Cold Calling for Professionals" eBook

If your preferred learning style is to read a book, now the full text of the " Guide to Cold Calling for Professionals" course is available for FREE download as a PDF, or either as an eBook or paperback for only $9.99.

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Option 3: Attend a "B2B Cold Calling" Webinar or Seminar

If you prefer hands-on learning, sign up for one of our "B2B Cold Calling" Webinars, or arrange for a dedicated one-day Seminar, and get all the fundamentals you need to kick-start your results.

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