A LeadGen.com Cliffhanger

In our last episode...

A mid-sized metals manufacturer was getting lots of sales opportunities from their #telemarketing program. But they were losing deals left and right, because a PE-funded competitor was #bidding below cost in order to buy market share.

So not only was the manufacturer losing when they bid for new business, they were losing house accounts who demanded that they lower their price, too. With their profitability under threat, the company was on the edge of bankruptcy. What happened next:

LeadGen.com to the Rescue!

At LeadGen.com, we know how to fight a price war. We showed the client how to announce to the world that they'd "meet comp." And every time a bid went out, we showed them how to ask for last look.

Within two weeks, the competitor backed off their price war. And by the next quarter, the PE firm had sold the competitor off - at a fire-sale price!

Prices quickly rose, and the manufacturer returned to profitability - and picked up 20% more market share following the demise of their competitor.

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