A LeadGen.com Perspective

Learn how a software developer survived the Great Recession when their sales ground to a halt, directly threatening their business.

A software company had developed a system for plumbers, builders, electricians and other contractors to better manage projects, bids, and payroll. They had started to market it broadly when the Great Recession shut down virtually all construction. As a result, the company’s new sales ground to a halt. And they ran the risk of not being able to recover their development costs. So, they called on LeadGen.com to help them figure out how to handle the recession.

At the time, trade magazines were still a popular way to reach contractors. So, they pumped up their print budget, only to see it wasted when the books went out of business. Trades shows, too, were being cancelled, closing off their other main way to reach the market. With these additional expenses, and without a way to reach their contractor market, they were soon in jeopardy of themselves going out of business.

In a last-ditch effort to save their business, they called LeadGen.com. And during a brief test, we recognized that we could reach the contractors in their offices, early in the mornings and late in the evenings by phone, so we put together a calling campaign.

In three months of calling we generated over 50 qualified leads for the company, over a third of which closed successfully, and profitably.

As a result of the campaign, the company was not only able to jump-start their revenue flow and recover their investment in development, but they were able to position themselves as a leader in the market. They prospered through the recession, and continue to thrive more than a decade later.

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