A LeadGen.com Partner Success Story

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The Great Recession put many people out of work. And with companies cutting back on staff and expenses, a mid-west energy management firm was watching their consulting practice quickly dry up. Discover how they turned it around!

A LeadGen.com Partner to the Rescue!

To help counter the recession, the government – as it often does – came out with a program that offered companies financial incentives for improving energy efficiency, and for investing in energy efficient technologies. Like many programs at the time, they were of short duration. And you had to have some expertise in the field to be able to take advantage of them.

The good news was that the energy management company had the expertise. They knew the technologies that qualified, and they knew how to navigate the paperwork. The bad news was that there was no way for them to cover the market, or even make a meaningful dent in it, before the incentive program ran out. So they called LeadGen.com.

The key to capitalizing on a short-term opportunity is to do your research, and do good research, up front because you don’t have time to waste. If you work for three months, and miss the market, you don’t get another chance.

So we blitzed the research, and then we blitzed the market.

In three months, we got them over 70 face-to-face appointments, virtually all of which closed successfully. They were able to capitalize on the incentive program and survive until their consulting business returned.

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