A LeadGen.com Perspective

Despite the proliferation of electronic media and the micro-segmenting of markets, there is no new magic bullet for finding new business and making sales happen. What do you need to do?

You still need to: Get past gatekeepers, stimulate interest, uncover needs, and get an appointment with a decision maker who has a need, and is willing to talk with you about how you can help.

You can get more exposure online than you can with traditional print media (but the clutter is worse). Email may provide a more efficient way to get information into your prospects' hands than snail mail (but try getting around the spam filter). But to make sales happen you still have to talk to the prospect - sometimes just to reach him, often to stimulate interest, almost always to uncover needs, but universally to establish the trust, rapport and credibility to close.

That's the fundamental of sales that hasn't changed and will never change. Success in sales is still all about sales skills. And while our technological advances can make us more efficient, success is still all about finding the prospect, getting his attention, stimulating interest, and gaining a commitment to meet or to talk. Do you have a number to hit? Call LeadGen.com today!

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