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What Is a Qualified Sales Lead?

If you sell into any market, the key to business growth - and the fulcrum between your marketing and sales programs - is the "qualified sales lead." But, what makes a sales lead qualified?

No matter what you sell, or to whom you sell it, producing qualified leads is the key to success. For while everyone thinks that "nothing ever happens until somebody sells something," we know that "no one ever sold anything until they got in the door." No matter what you sell the only thing that matters, as far as your marketing program is concerned, should be the production of qualified sales leads.

So how do we define a qualified sales lead?

A qualified sales lead is a confirmed appointment with a decision maker (or strong decision influencer), who needs your company's products or services, and who wants to talk with you about how you can help. In short, a qualified sales lead is the first step in the sales process. And so it should be the last step in your marketing process. Nothing else matters.

Not clicks. Not opens. Not impressions. Not downloads, eyeballs, exposures, inquiries, visitors, time-on-site, lead score, page rank, or names on a mailing list. If you can't convert it into an appointment, it doesn't count.

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