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A New Definition for Viral Marketing

While the irony of a tweet or blog post going viral as being something good is lost on precisely no one, the question of how the lockdowns, and the pandemic in general, impacts marketing is a serious one.

Every company's situation is different, of course. So we'll try to cover different cases over the next few posts. (Our general response is presented here.)

The first question is: What kind of business are you in? If you're in an essential business, you face a different problem from those businesses that have not been deemed essential. And, in all likelihood, marketing isn't your biggest problem right now.

But if your business is considered non-essential, you need to redouble your marketing efforts so that people know who you are, and remember you, of course. Because if you don't, your competitor will.

Insofar as content is concerned, the most important thing you need to do is figure out what you can do to help your prospects and customers today. Then call them and offer it. If all it is is consolation, as we've said before, fine. Reach Out and Touch Someone.

But if you have something substantive you can do for them, and it doesn't cost you too much, find a way to do it.

At, for example, we've traditionally charged for our Initial Assessment, which enables us to figure out how you can achieve your growth goals. But because of the current situation, we're doing it for free. You can get yours by filling out the questionnaire here.

And, like we said, no charge.

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