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Crossing the Abyss

There's no question that, for many businesses, the coronavirus lockdown represents an existential threat.

But what, for some companies, may be an uncrossable chasm, for others it's just a long jump.

At we believe that, while not every business can make it to the other side, there are certain fundamentals that can give you the greatest chance of success, and survival.

Like many periods of economic trauma, the coronavirus lockdown will separate those who follow the time-tested rules of Marketing and Sales from those have been getting a free ride on the growth in GDP.

To be clear: Now is the time to get back to fundamentals. Understand your value proposition in terms that are meaningful to your customers and prospects, and make sure you talk about it. Redouble your efforts to find new business. And remember that the person on the other end of the transaction is a person, and treat them as such. Share your strength, your compassion and your talents. It costs nothing, yet it can help so much.

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