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A Cliffhanger

In our last episode...

Many companies have reduced their staff levels in response to the coronavirus lockdown. And they've told those they've retained to get on the phones and look for new business in an effort to shore up revenues.

It's a great idea. What could go wrong? to the Rescue!

Two things stand in the way of implementing a successful All Hands on Deck strategy. First, the people on the phones have to know how to sell. And, second, they need to have the opportunity to sell.

In many cases, the people who have been retained already have too much critical work to do - which is why they were retained in the first place. With so many hours in the day, when are they supposed to make cold calls?

And unless they actually know how to sell, they may be doing more harm than good.

If you're going to do this, at least give them some high-quality sales training. And then Sales Manage them, including blocking out time to make calls, and tracking metrics.

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