A LeadGen.com Cliffhanger

In our last episode...

One of our guys made a call yesterday to someone he had tried unsuccessfully many times to get an appointment with. Instead of hanging up on our caller, the prospect told our guy that, while he gets many calls, he hangs up on all of them. But he always appreciates our guy's call. And when he has a need for the product, we're going to get his business.

LeadGen.com to the Rescue!

Let's unpack this. Here's a guy who probably gets a dozen calls per day from various vendors. And he's gotten really good at differentiating the good ones from the bad ones - so much so that it's become part of his business plan.

How sure are you that your callers are saying the right things, and not simply becoming phone fodder?

What you say, and how you say it, matter. And at LeadGen.com we can help you put together a talk track that's not going to put yours in the pile of "Thanks, but no thanks" calls.

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