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Sales Training for the Coronavirus Recession

Many companies train their employees in sophisticated sales techniques that are extremely effective in normal times. But how should you adapt your sales training when 30% of your prospects - and maybe even 30% of your own employees - have lost their jobs?

For example, traditionally, Sales Managers have encouraged their reps to "call high," because that's where the decisions are made. But what do you do when the C-Level is the one who's answering the phones?

Here's where role playing really pays off. First, when you dial the phone, and someone answers and says "hello," don't say "hello" back. Instead, say "Can you please hold for Mr. Jones?" using your best Administrative Assistant voice. Then put your hand over the mouthpiece, and sing Happy Birthday twice.

Then remove your hand from the mouthpiece, and, using your normal voice, continue with your sales call.

If the prospect agrees to an appointment, be sure to hand the phone back to your "Administrative Assistant" - because they keep your calendar, of course.

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