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Social Distance Marketing

We all know what Social Media Marketing is. But are you taking advantage of the most important innovation in marketing to date? Introducing: Social Distance Marketing!

While Social Media Marketing takes advantage of the unique ability of Websites and technologies like Facebook and LinkedIn to connect people across thousands of miles, Social Distance Marketing takes advantage of the powerful technology of shouting to reach across the gaping six foot divide now separating most of humanity.

Never before have so many had the tools they need to connect, right at their fingertips.

Social Distance Marketing requires nothing more than a modest increase of air flow and laryngeal tension to maximize the volume of your communications. Simply think of what you want to say, and say it louder.

Even when your face is protected by an N95 mask, Social Distance Marketing can still provide a powerful way to get your message out. This is because most people have become quite adept at reading facial expressions from the cues provided by your eyebrows.

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