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Closing Techniques for the Pandemic

The economic collapse brought about by the coronavirus lockdown has inspired some of the brightest minds in Sales and Marketing to develop new and innovative solutions to the problem of generating sales.

If your company needs help with top line revenues, try these powerful closing techniques.

The Assumed Close: "Since since you answered the phone, I assume you still have a job. So would you like to place an order?"

The Forced-Choice Close: "Like you, we were forced to close our office. But in case you have any money left, is there anything I can do to convince you to spend some of it with us?"

The Reverse Close: "If you buy something from us today, I promise to reverse the transaction before your payment is due."

The Take-It-Away Close: "I have Covid-19. Do you know anyone who can take it away?"

The Thermometer Close: "On a scale of 98.6 to 105, what are the chances we can do this deal?"

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