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Now More than Ever

For most businesses, the first thing they cut in a downturn is Marketing. After all, it's easy to cut. And many companies figure they can just re-start it when things get better.

Talk about being "penny-wise and pound foolish"!

Isn't the definition of "things getting better" when sales come back? And isn't Marketing the very thing that drives demand? Therefore, by cutting your Marketing, aren't you prolonging the misery?

The irony is that most companies should increase their marketing spend in a recession, not decrease it. Go after your competitors' customers. Position yourself to get the business when they start spending again. Make new friends.

We may have taken a hit; but the world did not stop spinning. So call your Marketing expert and ask them what they think you should do. It's when money is tightest that you need to be the most creative.

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