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It's Now or Never

Just like the best time to buy stock is during a recession, the best time to buy market share is when your competitors are in lockdown. Media is at its lowest price. Prospects have nothing to do but talk to vendors. And, for many people, reading your content is a whole lot better than watching the news.

Everyday you wait to crank up your marketing program is a day closer to when it goes back to being too expensive to implement.

Classic marketing theory tells us that higher market share equates to higher profitability. So the more market share you can pick up now, the more profitable you'll be when the economy comes back.

It also tells us that the best time to gain market share is during an economic downturn. And with 36,000,000 unemployed, I think today qualifies.

Whatever is holding you back, suck it up. It's now or never.

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