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Sales are down, so you turn to Marketing to stimulate demand. Maybe you decide to exhibit at a couple of trade shows for $10,000 per show. But no decision-makers attend, and the only people who do come to your booth are other exhibitors who want to sell you something. And three months later when you ask your salespeople what happened to the leads you got from the shows, you find out that none of them were ever called. (By the way, industry statistics show that 96% of trades show leads are never contacted!)

So then you decide to spend $10,000 on Search Engine Optimization. But did you get any business out of it? If you're like most companies, and you really run the calculation, your cost per lead on the Web is probably in excess of $5,000 – if you get anything at all. So you decide to create a new brochure and send out some direct mail. You buy a data base, spend $15,000 and barely get any leads, and most of them are "tire-kickers." And the money you spent on trade advertising? The typical cost-per-appointment for trade advertising exceeds $1,500!

If you think Marketing is a guessing game, or just dumb luck, think again.

There's a science to it.

You just have to believe in science.

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