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Building Your Sales Engine 6: Recruiting and Training

Wouldn't it be nice if generating leads was as easy as pressing a button?

Given all the people who say they provide sales leads, you would think it must be easy. What with clicks, hits, views, downloads, form fills, names, email addresses and more all being called sales leads, they must be easy to generate.

But then you find out the double-super-secret code word: Qualified!

OK. So what's the big deal? How hard can it be to understand the relationship between lead quality and price, right? Wrong! There are just too many variables. And so you're on your own trying to figure out to get what you want and pay the lowest price.

So you seek out some sort of guarantee, partly to offset your inabiity to qualify the vendor, but mostly because you've been burned before, and you don't want to get burned again.

Good luck. Maybe it's not as easy as clicking a button.

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