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The "Burned Before" Series, Episode 1: Yeah, We Hear That a Lot

We talk to a lot of business owners, and the one thing they consistently tell us is that they tried some marketing solution or other before, and it didn't work. They invested a lot of time, effort, money and - especially - hope in a strategy that, for one reason or another, didn't work out.

They tell us their problem still hasn't been solved, but feeling that they've been burned before, they're gun-shy about trying another solution.

Sometimes they understand why it didn't work, and have made some adjustments to prevent a repeat of the failure. Sometimes they blame their vetting process, and pay more attention to what they're doing. And often they simply attempt to shift responsibility to the vendor by demanding performance-based compensation, as if someone without an equity stake in the business is really going to put your interests over theirs.

Setting aside the competence of the solution provider for a moment, if you've been burned before, and you're now risk-averse, maybe you should rethink your self-image as an entrepreneur.

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