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The "Burned Before" Series, Episode 3: You Get What You Pay For

One of our Account Managers recently spoke to a company that had contracted with an off-shore call center to do lead generation.

The company wasn't getting them enough qualified leads, but the price was right - about $6/hour. He wanted to know if we could do a better job, but match their price.

So our Account Manager asked me what we could do.

Sometimes it's really hard to not laugh when someone says something that's unintentionally funny. If I had been on the call with the prospect, I'm not sure I could have held it in. But since it was our own rep that told me about it, I let it rip.

After I settled down, I told our rep that he had to convince the prospect that you can't get a qualified Lead Generation Specialist for a price of $6/hour, no less for the $3/hour they're probably paying the caller.

But I suspect we'll just never hear from them again.

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