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You've Fired Your Marketing Director. Now What?

The coronavirus recession has already cut into your revenues, and your funnel has run dry. So you decide to fire your Marketing Director to conserve cash.

Now what do you do? is a resource multiplier. What that means is that we can do more - generate more leads, create a greater impact in the market, and drive more revenue - with the same, or even less, resources than in-house can.

In the case of a cold calling campaign, for example, we can make better quality calls than the typical salesperson (and much better quality calls than a call center), and we can maintain a level of discipline on the task that an inside salesperson - someone who’s constantly being pulled from one task to another - ever possibly could.

We can also put out more, and more effective, content. We can get you more and better exposure. And we can stimulate more, and more appropriate, demand.

As a result, we can uncover more opportunities, while also dramatically increasing the likelihood that those opportunities will close successfully.

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