A LeadGen.com Case History

Investing in Relationships Saves Lives

A division of a Fortune 100 company that serves the healthcare industry has been getting over 75% of their revenues through LeadGen.com for nearly ten years. So when Covid-19 hit, their product was perfectly positioned to help address the emergency.

With so many people working from home, however, an inability to reach contractors and facility managers not only threatened to deprive the company of their near-term opportunities, it threatened to deprive the hospitals of a critical solution to a critical problem.

Fortunately, because of the extensive network of relationships that LeadGen.com had built in the industry, we had the cellphone numbers of virtually all the decision makers - who were either in the field or working from home - that we needed to reach. Not a step was lost in responding to the crisis.

The hospitals got the products they needed on time, and the client has dramatically increased their market share.

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