A LeadGen.com Case History

Asset Management Systems

A systems manufacturer had a great product, a strong value proposition and penetration into their local market. The problem was, they could not generate sales beyond the reach of their direct sales force and everything they tried, failed.

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The Problem

A developer of an innovative Computerized Maintenance Management (CMMS) and Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) system for manufacturers was having trouble expanding its sales beyond its initial beta customers. They had successfully penetrated their local market through personal selling and cost-sharing, but couldn’t generate sales beyond the reach of their direct sales force, despite the fact that they had an excellent product that saved their customers tens of thousands of dollars per year. As a result, they couldn’t capitalize on a growing market opportunity. And worse, they had invested heavily in generalizing the software, but couldn’t hope recover their investment without additional sales.

What They Tried

The company decided to implement an extensive electronic and print advertising campaign, bolstered with exhibits at critical trade shows, but to no avail. The media were cluttered with non-competing ads. And decision makers, which necessarily included both IT and maintenance managers, rarely attended the trade shows, and never attended together. As a last-ditch effort, they tried to recruit Value-Added Resellers to market the product, but couldn’t find any who could actually deliver sales.

LeadGen.com’s Solution

The challenge with a product like Asset Management Software is that demand is usually latent, and widely dispersed. As with many IT products, people don’t know they have a need until and unless they can be educated about the application; which necessitates personal interaction. But because potential customers are spread all over the country, putting a salesperson in the field would incur hundreds of thousands of dollars in travel expenses – potentially without a payoff. But professional B2B telemarketing from LeadGen.com easily identified and targeted likely customers throughout the US. LeadGen.com was able to quickly locate and connect with both the Maintenance and IT Directors at the target list, uncover their needs, educate them about the solution, and get them to buy into its value on a joint conference call that led directly to a series of over 60 face-to-face appointments within twelve weeks, and a close rate of over 20% – and a successful national roll-out that met all the client’s sales goals.


Effective lead generation for complex, new products often requires you to educate the prospect about the problem before you can stimulate his interest in your product. For a leading edge Asset Management software maker, only professional B2B telemarketing from LeadGen.com could educate the market efficiently, and solve the problem fast.

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