A LeadGen.com Case History

Marketing IT Solutions to Law Firms

An IT Developer with a solution that could potentially help law firms increase their revenues and profitability without adding staff, just couldn't gain any traction with their target audience.

Learn how LeadGen.com helped them not only get in the door, but become a major player in the legal market first regionally, and then nationally.


Only a few years ago, IT solution vendors were a dime-a-dozen, and law firms tended to be as far from the leading edge of technology as possible. So getting in the door with a Case Management solution was a huge problem for one NJ-based IT developer.

The Problem

Back before every law firm had a Web site, most had very limited IT capabilities. Most files were manual, and IT consisted of word processing, and a few spreadsheets and billing applications. New database systems, however, were coming online that could dramatically increase the productivity of the practice, enabling them to grow their revenues without increasing staff. The problem was, not only did the firms not understand the application, there wasn’t even a real decision maker available who was concerned with the issue of how IT could help.

The Solution

Recognizing that educating the prospect was part of the problem, LeadGen.com targeted the Managing Partners at hundreds of mid-sized law firms with a professional cold-calling campaign. The goal was to pitch the concept on the basis of how a Case Management system could help them do more with less – growing their revenues without adding staff. Using case histories provided by the client that showed specific, real-world volume increases that were enabled with no additions in staff, LeadGen.com was able to convince dozens of the targeted firms to open their doors to the client.


Within eight weeks, the project had generated five new clients for the IT firm, and ongoing efforts established them as a major player in the regional legal market, which they have since expanded into as national player in the foreclosure segment.

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