A LeadGen.com Case History

Direct Mail Company

Sometimes, in a recession and the new economy that emerges on the other side, changing your business model is the only option if you want to survive.

Learn how LeadGen.com helped one Direct Mail company do just that!


If there’s one thing you can guarantee in a recession, it’s that some businesses, and some industries, won’t survive, But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go down fighting. What matters is that: 1) you do whatever you can to survive, and 2) you figure out what kind of business you need to become in order prosper when the recession is over.

The Challenge

Surviving a recession and prospering on the other side is tricky. You have to keep generating revenues using your old business model, while you figure out a new business model that’s going to work in the new economy. Some say it’s like trying to get to second base without taking your foot off of first. Or like changing the tires while the car is still moving.

The Solution

For one company that happened to be in the direct mail business – which was basically the 2008 version of selling buggy whips – making that jump took a lot of hard work, and help from LeadGen.com, but it paid off. The most important element in the company’s survival and ultimate success was the owner’s recognition that, while their historic strength was in producing direct mail, that was just a medium. Their ability to write effective content (which, in the direct mail world was referred to derisively as “copy”) was a hidden and latent strength that could be leveraged in the emerging digital world.

The Results

The strategy we created was to reach out to their traditional prospect base, but also to simultaneously look for the nascent digital departments and try to get in there, too, which we did over 100 times. Bringing the two groups together not only provided an added value to the prospect, but it opened the door for the client to position themselves successfully in a growing market.

And that’s where they are today – a leading content provider in their industry.

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