A LeadGen.com Case History

Offshore Engineering Services

An offshore engineering services firm couldn't penetrate the US Market, until they leveraged LeadGen.com. Not only did they penetrate the market, learn how LeadGen.com has been finding them new business for years!

The Problem

Design and engineering are highly technical functions, and companies live and die on the quality of the products they produce; so most are extremely cautious about outsourcing. But for an offshore firm specializing in engineering and design for manufactured goods (using tools like SolidWorks,) the challenge was even greater – they had to overcome the natural bias against an off-shore solution.

LeadGen.com's Solution:

There are really two keys when generating qualified leads for highly technical solutions, whether you’re a domestic provider or an off-shore provider. First, you have to learn enough about the applications to know how to ask the right questions, and be credible on the phone. But you don’t want to know enough (or, at least, let on that you know enough,) to be able to provide answers – because then the prospect might make a decision (usually a negative one,) without really understanding the value of the solution.

The other key is to create enough of a comfort-level so that the prospect will be willing to work with you to move the process forward. This is more than credibility; it’s a matter of creating trust. And at LeadGen.com, that requires engaging the prospect in a conversation, one that could conceivably take place over a matter of weeks, but one that isn’t rushed – or scripted.


For over two years, LeadGen.com has been finding new business for an off-shore provider of engineering and design services in a manner that has been far less expensive, and less risky, than it would have been if they did it in-house. And the level of trust with the market is so high that contacts that we made many months ago call LeadGen.com when they’re ready to start their engineering projects!

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