A LeadGen.com Case History

Gift Baskets

When small gift basket companies have a hard time striking the balance between looking for new customers and fulfilling orders for existing ones, they call on LeadGen.com. Learn why!


Sending a gift basket to a client, vendor or employee is a nice, and very personalized, way to say “thank you.” With good service by the gift basket company, it takes virtually no effort on the part of the customer to generate a lot of good will. Consequently, it’s also a business with good margins, and relatively low start-up costs.

The Problem

The challenge for gift basket companies, however, many of which are small, entrepreneurial ventures, is that finding new business is time-consuming. If you’re looking for new business, you can’t be filling orders; but if you’re filling orders, you can’t be calling for new business. As a result, either the business stagnates, or service suffers.

The Solution

For several gift basket companies, LeadGen.com provided a cost effective way to break out of the trap: professional outsourced B2B telemarketing. To start, LeadGen.com understands that the key decision maker is often the Executive Assistant to the President of the company. LeadGen.com also knows how to get past gatekeepers, and get you in the door so you can “show your stuff,” and generate orders.

The Results

LeadGen.com has done nearly a dozen campaigns for gift basket companies. One generated 59 leads in only 65 hours of calling, and another generated 45 leads in 80 hours - a typical cost-per-lead of less than $80. More importantly, the close rates were in excess of 75%, with significant ongoing business, enabling the gift basket companies to achieve their annual growth and profitability goals with only one or two campaigns.

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