A LeadGen.com Case History

Logistics Company

Discover how Leadgen.com helped a logistics company take a new service to market by directly targeting the C-Level Suite.


The trucking industry is as competitive as any in business in the world, so companies must constantly add value while minimizing costs. One way to do this is to provide additional, value-added services that also save their customers money, but when the beneficiary of the service wasn’t their typical transportation department buyer, it became a “non-starter” for their sales program.

The Problem

We can’t reveal what the service was – because it would betray a confidentiality – but suffice to say that the service could enable customers to save millions of dollars per year, as well as increase their revenues and market share. But the logistics company/client didn’t know who to talk to, didn’t know how to uncover the underlying need, and basically had no way to get in the door. To make matters worse, it was a new service, so even the potential decision makers didn’t know they had a need, or that they could benefit from it.

The Solution

LeadGen.com is an expert at getting in the door at high levels, even (or especially,) among the Fortune 500 companies the client wanted to target. So first, we identified the key attributes of the service that would attract interest, and then we identified the key decision makers we needed to target. We put together a pilot program targeting 27 companies based on our Executive Appointment-Setting Solution.


Although it took a while to do the research, and another while to implement, the client ended up with seven (7) solid leads (a 26% appointment rate,) with key, C-level decision makers among the target companies – and that’s as of this writing. The follow-ups are continuing, and we will probably get at least 3-4 more before we go on to the next round. And at least two or three of the leads look like they’re going to turn into real business.

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