A LeadGen.com Case History

Metal Fabrication

An expert manufacturer found its potential to be acquired at risk when their business took a sudden downturn. Even more frustrating was the fact that, in order to make up for lost sales, they were trying to penetrate a new market. But, they kept coming up empty.

Find out how LeadGen.com helped them solve the problem and create the cashflow needed to ensure a smooth sale of the company.

The Problem

A 100-year-old Philadelphia-area manufacturer was an expert in “building large round things” like pressure vessels, tanks, and high-end storage equipment for food processors. But their business had taken a downturn, and they needed to penetrate some new markets. This was complicated by the fact that the company was in the process of being acquired, and the lack of new business was jeopardizing the sale.

What They Tried

Leveraging their experience in high-pressure processes, they tried targeting the power generation market, but they couldn’t get in the door. They went after the utilities directly, who told them to call the systems manufacturers. But when they went after the system manufacturers, they told them to call the utilities. So the company ended up spending six months and thousands of dollars for nothing.

LeadGen.com’s Solution

Through a mutual friend, the company asked LeadGen.com to take a look at the problem; and several things became clear. First, the company was positioned poorly. They were trying to sell on the basis of what they did, instead of what it meant for the customer. And they were giving up way too soon in what turned out to be a very complex prospecting process. LeadGen.com re-positioned the offerings, and developed a multi-pronged approach to go after the systems manufacturers – targeting planning, manufacturing, resource management and sales.


When you’re selling large, complex industrial items, it doesn’t take a lot to have a big impact. And when you find one need, you often find a lot of problems behind it – which is exactly what happened. LeadGen.com got the company into two of the largest power gen manufacturers, both of whom had critical shortages, and both of who placed large, early orders for equipment.

The campaign assured cash flow for over two years, and insured that the sale of the company would go through.

Is your business experiencing a sudden downturn and you need to find a way out?

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