A LeadGen.com Case History

Neonatal Services

A medical entrepreneur with a transforming neonatal service was having an impossible time getting into hospitals, consequently stalling company growth.

Find out how LeadGen.com solved the challenge and put the company back on track!

The Problem

A medical entrepreneur – who also happened to be a board-certified Neonatologist – had developed a service whereby he could provide licensed Neonatologists to hospitals onsite 24/7 on a turnkey basis. This had a potentially significant value to many hospitals with large number of births, because they often have to transfer at-risk infants to Level III hospitals when there is a problem, losing patients and revenue, while increasing the risk to the infant. And having a Neonatologist on call meant potentially significant delays waiting for him or her to come in when needed. But it was expensive, and almost impossible to arrange for 24/7 coverage.

What They Tried

Introducing the concept of an onsite neonatologist group to upper management was extremely difficult. Many hospitals were comfortable with the on-call model despite its drawbacks, or simply accepted the transfer problem as a cost of doing business. So they ignored the company’s direct mail. Networking was sometimes effective if they could make contact, but produced barely two good leads per year. As a result, growth was stalled, and the company was missing the market.

LeadGen.com’s Solution

With extensive experience prospecting into hospitals for a number of products and services, LeadGen.com understood the bureaucratic and political issues involved. So we developed an Executive Appointment-Setting campaign that enabled us to understand the hospital’s needs, as well as the decision process, before trying to get in. Using a strategically drafted and customized letter, and using extensive research and follow-up calls, LeadGen.com was able to generate high-level appointments as often as 40% of the time on a base of scores of hospitals.


With several dozen qualified leads, the company was able to close six deals in the first year of the program for over a million dollars each.

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