A LeadGen.com Case History

Payroll Service

Learn how LeadGen.com and a major regional payroll service provider worked together to implement a process that shortened their sales cycle, increased their sales close rates and their average deal size!


The owner of a Southwest area payroll company had put together a service with a difference: a staff of highly trained and educated payroll experts who really knew payroll. They knew where and how the traditional vendors were overcharging, and where and how in-house solutions fall short. So there was hardly anyone for whom he couldn’t save money and improve quality. The challenge was breaking through the clutter of this very crowded market – one where people are very reluctant to change, and are loyal to their current solution.

The Problem

Having used telemarketing successfully before, he had already worked out the process, the scripting, and the training, and only needed to find the right company to implement it. But because he knew the telemarketing business, he knew the good and the bad. Done well, it can be the fastest, best and least expensive way to generate leads; but done poorly, it can be a complete waste of time and money. What he knew for sure, however, was that the call center model couldn’t possibly work, since good people are very hard to find.

The Solution

Searching for a boutique shop that matched his technique, he quickly found LeadGen.com. But just dropping his methodology into LeadGen.com’s process wasn’t quite enough. It was clear that we had to get just the right positioning, and just the right people on the job. Working through his material, though, and doing a little homework, together LeadGen.com and the client came up with a winning formula.

The Results

Replicating a process that works once is never a sure thing. There are just too many variables. And so it was here: While the new program generated slightly fewer leads than anticipated, the ones we got had a higher close rate, a shorter sell cycle, and a larger size, making the program a huge success.

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