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8 Boldfaced Lies Commonly Heard from Digital Marketers

Digital marketing, when deployed for the right reasons can prove advantageous. All too often, however, digital marketing is approached from a tactical perspective (let’s try some SEO or let’s get on LinkedIn), rather than as part of a broader sales and marketing strategy, when and where it can enable that broader strategy. And, making matters worse, a lot of so-called marketers in the industry take advantage of this. They will make bold claims about how well their chosen tactic can solve your challenge without ever attempting to understand the root causes. This is not to mention determining whether or not their chosen tactic is appropriate for your situation.

I guess, though, if all you have is a hammer, then everything looks like a nail!

If you need results that will actually grow your business, then be very suspicious of those making the following claims, or very similar ones. And, you will hear them, if have not already heard them, over and over again!

1. We will get you a Page 1 Ranking on Google!

The promise of a Page 1 Ranking on Google is enticing. Everyone uses Google. So, what could be bad if your company came up at the top of the search results?

The problem with this promise is that the search terms that you need in order to get a Page 1 Ranking are probably so esoteric that no one ever uses them. Either that, or you have to pay so much to get the ranking that you couldn't afford it.

2. You’ll only pay for results

Paying only for results is the holy grail of business. After all, you're not in it for a Participation Trophy, right? So why should your vendors?

Your definition of results and theirs are probably not the same. For example, you might want to pay on revenues. But they'll say that, since they have no control over what happens after they generate the lead, they can't do that. So, you compromise, and agree to pay on Lead Quality. And then the arguing begins.

3. All your decision makers are on LinkedIn

Networking on LinkedIn seems like a great idea. So, what's the problem?

Everyone is there, either selling themselves or something. Messaging is better than email. The contact information is great. And LinkedIn provides you with an easy, 10 Step cookbook for creating brand awareness and generating leads.

The problem is, do you really think your decision makers are sitting around looking at LinkedIn all day, waiting for your content to show up? Hint: They have a job to do. That's why they're called Decision Makers.

4. Cold Calling is Dead

One of the main rationales justifying Digital Marketing is that cold calling is supposedly dead. But, is it really?

No one likes to receive cold calls. And, in the words of a so-called "study" justifying Digital Marketing, "57 Percent of the Decision Process is Done Before the Customer Ever Talks to a Salesperson."

Setting aside the fallacies underlying the study, cold calling is anything but dead. It may be tough to get direct dial numbers. And it may be challenging getting past gatekeepers and voice mail. But consider this: How many of your prospects even know they need your solution, such that they would search for it? If you believe the lie that cold calling is dead, you're walking away from everyone in the market who doesn't know they have a need for your product or service. Good luck with that.

5. There is a correlation between followers and revenue

Pick your metric: Likes, hits, retweets, connections, followers, subscribers, traffic, engagement, stickiness - it's all nonsense. Why is that?

If you're not getting paid per-whatever, someone else is, but you're the one paying!

Digital marketing is all too often a con, especially if you put all your eggs in that one basket.

6. Social Media Marketing is free

If you're a small business, you might value the time you spend nurturing your social media at $0, but what's the opportunity cost?

If you could be spending that same time doing something that was actually productive, would't you do that instead? Therefore, setting around on social media all day is not free.

7. Social Media Marketing is the answer

When you think you've tried everything else, and nothing seems to work, the siren song of social media marketing can be loud.

What we've found is that, for most companies that are struggling, the problem isn't the medium, it's their strategy and their positioning. So, applying the same strategy and positioning in social media is likely to have the same catastrophic results as it did with traditional media, or other digital marketing tactics.

8. Digital Marketing takes time before you get results

Anyone who tells you that it just takes time before you see results from any digital marketing tactic is probably floating their resume.

As soon as you get antsy because the followers - no less the orders - aren't rolling in, you're guaranteed to hear this lie. The problem isn't that it might not be true. The problem is that, by the time the results come in, you might be out of business!

Are you tired of people telling you that you should try this, or that, only to find nothing works?

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